Our US Senator Sherrod Brown addresses LighthouseOhio!

As Zach Schwartz, the founder of LighthouseOhio and my boss says, we are starting to make waves! Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio recorded a statement for our LEAP Demo Day last Friday where he praised LightHouse Ohio's mission and addressed the LEAP Class of 2013.

This video affirms Senator Brown's commitment to this state and to fostering entrepreneurship in the region. LightHouse Ohio was founded on one of Senator Brown's visions—that connecting a student to business in the region would encourage them to stay in the area after college—and so we are extremely honored that he has taken the time to acknowledge our work this past year. Thank you Senator Brown!

Transcript of Video:
Hi, I'm Sherrod Brown, your United States Senator. Thank you to Zach Schwartz for your leadership at LightHouse Ohio. I'm sorry I can't join you all for LEAP Demo Day. The LightHouse Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program equips some of the most talented students in Northeast Ohio with the tools needed to transform a good idea into the next great small business. As high school students and emerging entrepreneurs, each of you contributes to our state's brain gain and proves that Ohioans are ready to out-compete and out-innovate the rest of the world. LightHouse and LaunchHouse exemplify the very best of our great state. To the LEAPers of 2013, I wish you the very best. I know you'll continue to make our state proud. Thank you so much.

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